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Hard Cheeses

Too many to list!  So below is a small selection of our current favourites:

Chevretta Goats Gouda

Chevretta is a marvellous goat’s milk Gouda made on a small scale farm in the Woerden region of Holland.  The goats are fed on a special diet of grass, linseed and straw, and produce exceptionally high quality, vitamin rich milk. Relatively low in salt, it has a clean, smooth texture and a creamy sweet taste.  Pairs particularly well with mead.


Morbier A.O.C.

Morbier is a 60 day aged French cow's milk cheese, easily identified by the distinctive dark vein of ash streaking horizontally through it centre – and its rather pungent aroma!  However, contrary to its smell, Morbier is surprisingly mild, with a wonderful, nuttily sweet flavour and lingering aftertaste.  This fine cheese pairs beautifully with membrillo paste and spicy crackers.

Comté Vieux A.O.C.

In our opinion one of France’s finest cheeses, Comté Vieux A.O.C. is matured for up to 18 months, twice the length of standard Comté.  This additional maturing time gives its familiar, nutty flavour a piquant, sweet twist, reminiscent of fermented pears.  Delicious on its own, it is also fantastic when melted on top of a bowl of steaming French Onion Soup.

Cornish Kern

Crowned Supreme Champion at the World Cheese Awards in 2017, this is an Alpine style cheese made in the heart of Cornwall.   The cheese is coated in a protective black wax and is matured for between 14 and 18 months.  This gives the cheese a rich, intense buttery flavour, with a long, lingering finish.  This cheese is one to be savoured with a glass of Bigod 1101 Blanc.

Montgomery Cheddar

Oh no, not Cheddar … yawn … believe us, there is nothing boring about Montgomery’s golden and glorious Cheddar, with its rich and nutty depth of flavour.  Made in small batches from the unpasteurised milk of Friesian cows, this mature cheese from Somerset is best accompanied with a range of chutneys and preserves to bring out the complexities of its flavour – and a glass of fine port!