Soft Cheeses

A small selection of our current favourites:


Baron Bigod

This beautiful Brie is made by hand on a farm in Bungay, Suffolk, from their own Montbeliarde cows.  It is the only traditional raw milk, Brie de Meaux style cheese produced in the UK, with a smooth, silky texture, golden curd and rich, mushroomy flavour.  It is a welcome addition to any cheeseboard and is also very versatile – try pushing sliced cloves of garlic through its rind, place a spoonful of honey on top, and bake it in its box for 15 minutes. Perfect with a glass of our Bigod 1101 Rouge.

Reblochon de Savoie Fermier A.O.C.

This delightful soft cheese is produced exclusively in the Haute-Savoie mountains and in the Val d’Arly region in Savoie, France.  It is made from milk from the cows’ second daily milking and has a sweet and subtle flavour, enhanced by its characteristic taste of hazelnuts.   Marries perfectly with charcoal biscuits and a sweet pudding wine or mead.

Stinking Bishop

A full fat pasteurised cows’ milk soft cheese from Gloucestershire.  Its memorable name is derived from the perry that the rind is washed in, which gives the cheese its characteristic sweet, slightly burnt-toffee flavour, velvety texture, brown/pink rind and pungent aroma.   Delicious with nutty biscuits and a fig chutney.

Pont l'Évêque A.O.C.

Pont l'Eveque is one of the oldest French soft cheeses.  Made from cow's milk, this cheese is small, square in shape, pale yellow in colour with a white-orange rind.  It is a very rich cheese with a creamy, full bodied flavour, delicious with a sweet preserve and glass of white pudding wine.


This traditional hand-made semi-soft cheese from Berkshire is made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk and has a complex and fruity richness, with flavours of caramel and macadamia nuts.  This cheese has won many gold medals at the British Cheese Awards.  Perfectly paired with Bigod 1101 Rouge.